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A Beautiful Moment 2018

A lovely moment Complex form of a love triangle between the sister picks, his wife and stepmother.
The Lego Batman Movie 2017 The husband, thinking that he met the girl with the sun, asked her to marry him. But after offering him to the girl, he understands that the mother-in-law is his first lovely.Although he and his stepmother pretend not meeting each other, he again begins to feel his first love as his wedding approaches.

Language: Cantonese

Translation: English / Malay / Chinese

Classification: NA

General Date Published: February 15, 2018

Genre:comedy / romance

Duration: 1 hour 49 minutes

Distributor: CSC Movies

Cast: Carina Lau, Simon Yam, Michel Wai, John Wong, Philip King, Bob Lam, Natalie Tong, Alex Fong Lick Sun

Directed by: Patrick Kong

Format: 2D


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