Spider-Man 2099 #1 – Quick Review

Spider-Man 2099 #1 came out yesterday and it was a lot of fun! Peter David hasn't missed a beat since last writing the adventures of Miguel O'Hara and Will Sliney's artwork looks amazing. His action scenes really stand out and Peter David does a great job of laying some groundwork for future storylines. For anyone who hasn't read Amazing Spider-Man #1 yet, there is a call-back to the Spidey 2099 preview, but you can jump right in without having read it.  My only complaint is that we've already seen a fair amount of the book in the two previews (preview 1, preview 2). Otherwise this book is a must read for all Spider-Man 2099 fans and is a great jumping-on point for anyone looking to add more Spidey to their life.

Chris Thomas

The self-proclaimed King of All Geeks, Chris loves all things geeky. Aside from running SpiderMan2099.com, Chris also runs Geek Decor and is an avid toy collector and comic book reader.

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